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Apostle Paul's Conversion

Apostle Paul’s Conversion

The Story continues with Apostle Paul’s Conversion

The second post in our Apostle Paul’s series focusses on his conversion. Here is the link to the first part.

His conversion was not the result of some apostle’s persuasion but the result of the miraculous Lord’s appearance to him (Acts 9:2-18).

As he was riding, a great light blinded him and as he fell down from his horse he heard the voice of Jesus:

Apostle Paul before Jesus“Saul, Saul, why do you pursue Me?”

“Who are you Lord?” – Paul replied.

“I am Jesus whom you hunt.”

“What do You want me to do Lord?”

“Get up, go to the city and you will be told what to do.”

After that he was driven to Apostle Ananias to whom Jesus had already informed of Saul’s coming.

Ananias was extremely skeptical about it – “I’ve heard of this man; he caused suffering to Your saints in Jerusalem and he is authorized by the high priests here to tie anyone who calls out Your name” – but Jesus assured him:

“He is a very valuable utensil to me, he will hold up my name in front of nations and kings and the sons of Israel”.

When Saul entered Anania’s house the latter putted his hands upon his eyes. Some kind of flakes fell and Saul gained back his sight. He immediately repented and Ananias baptized him. He now was called Paul and from then he would be named and numbered among the Apostles taking the place of Judas Iscariot.

Right after his conversion, his baptism and his catechism by Ananias, Paul immediately began to preach the Gospel in the synagogues, causing the fury of the Damascus Jews. They planned to arrest and kill him; nevertheless Christians helped him to escape. He didn’t return to Jerusalem, he left for Arabia instead and the kingdom of Navaties, south of Damascus, probably for safety reasons. After that he returned to Damascus where he kept preaching for the next three years.

Afterwards Paul went to Jerusalem to meet Apostle Peter and he also met Apostle Jacob there.  Varnavas escorted Paul throughout his contacts with the Christian community due to their justifiable reservations for the new comer. He stayed there for two weeks before leaving for Syria and Cilicia. In Tarsus Varnavas found him and brought him to Antioch to reinforce Church’s work.

Well that was it for Apostle Paul´s Conversion, Stay tuned for yet another post:

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