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The History and Heritage

The History and Heritage

The Orthodox Prayer Bracelet

The orthodox prayer bracelet and prayer necklace, also known as the orthodox prayer rope has become very popular the last couple of years. More and more young people have started wearing them. There are several reasons for this, next to its religious value and heritage its also treated as a wonderful gift that dear friends and family members in orthodox cultures give to each other. It means that the person that gave it to you means only the best and wants you kept from harm.

Black Prayer BraceletAnother reason for its popularity is something of more recent years. The orthodox prayer bracelets and necklaces are also worn as a fashion accessory. More and more people are finding them very fashionable. This was first seen with rosary bracelets and necklaces that young people started wearing as part of their wardrobe. Mostly when these people hear the history behind them the popularity only grows.

No matter what the reason is, we would like to take this moment and explain something about the prayer rope history and mystery.

The prayer rope dates back to the origin of Christian monasticism itself. Legend has it that Saint Anthony The Great was tying knots in a rope to keep count of the times he would pray a prayer. But the devil kept untying the knots throwing theSaint out of his prayer. The Saint prayed for guidance and it was then that an angel appeared. He thought Saint Anthony The Great how to tie a special knot that consist of seven interlocked crosses. So the next day the Saint started to pray and tie the special knots the angel thought him and when the devil wanted to untie them again he couldn’t, because the sign of the cross vanquishes him. It is for this reason that the prayer rope is still used today in orthodox religion.

What is a prayer necklacePrayer ropes often consist of 33, 50 or 100 knots and come in many forms. Most popular are the bracelets and necklaces. Its traditional color is black but nowadays they are offered in many colors. Some of them have crosses, beads or icons woven into them.

So this concludes this small post about the history of the prayer rope.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and you got intrigued in the prayer bracelet.

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