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Chotki Komboskini

A Komboskini Bracelet Got Him Married

Married by Komboskini Bracelet, haha

I have to tell you this story about the Komboskini bracelet that got a friend of mine married. For those not recognizing the word its the Greek word for Orthodox Prayer Rope.

Adjustable black prayer braceletThe story begins with me going out with my long time friends in Amsterdam. While having a good time in the Amsterdam nightlife going from club to club, one of my friends “Jo” asked me where he can get the bracelet i’m wearing (Komboskini). He said he sought for it a while and could not find one, he also asked at his local Orthodox Church for it.  I explained, I got it while on vacation in Greece and removed the bracelet, and said “here it’s yours”. I have one extra at home. Jo said thank you and we continued our partying.

Some days passed and I got a phone call from Jo. He had to tell me something important and wanted us to meet at our local pub. I was really curious what he had to share with me because he was all mysterious on the phone. I grabbed my jacket and went to the pub.

When I arrived I saw Jo with a good-looking lady, i approached the table and Jo introduced me. Hi Max, I want to introduce you to Anna….  my girlfriend. I was pretty surprised to say the least.

Now for the sake of the story, I need to tell you that Jo had a crush on Anna (a woman that went to the same Gym) for over 2 years. He never had the guts to approach her and due to his shy nature never got in the position to get introduced. Now we all knew about his crush because he was rambling about her for what seemed ages… and despite our encouragements he never really tried anything to approach her.

So after I got over my surprise, I asked them how they met. Jo said “It’s all because of your Komboskini bracelet”. I asked how? Anna answered that she approached him to ask about his bracelet because she wanted one too. So they started talking and one thing lead to another and several days later they were in a relationship. Now to date 1 year and 2 months later they have set a date for marriage.

Jo and Anne truly believe the Komboskini bracelet brought them together, while I really love that my bracelet led to all this, I really think it was faith. When two people are destined to be together they will be!

I am really happy for Jo and Anne and wish them all the best and a lot of love!

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Was it Faith or the Komboskini bracelet? You decide!


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