Debt and the Lord, he will help!

Debt and All Its Troubles

It’s safe to say that debt has been around since the dawn of time, but it is only now in our present society that it has become a major issue.  Our society flaunts materialistic things – items that would be nice to have but don’t really need – in hopes that you’ll want it enough to go to great lengths to get that item, even if that means going into debt for it.  It’s another tactic to play on individual’s instant gratification urge and more than not it works.  But where do the teachings of Jesus come into account?  In Proverbs 22:26-27 it warns anyone who reads “Do not be a man who strikes hands in pledge or puts up security for debts; if you lack the means to pay, your very bed will be snatched from under you.”  And that couldn’t be truer!  Be assured that if there is ever a time where you’re unable to afford to pay your debt, the lender will come after you for all your worth and then some.  The scripture mentioned above is very powerful but it doesn’t heed many people from doing just that, so what would Jesus do if He was to find himself in that predicament?

Prayer and Knowing the Word

Debt can drown a lot of people emotional and mentally.  The waters of debt can become so rocky that the debtor can feel like there is no hope and it’s hard to keep their head above the water.  However, what everyone should always keep in mind that there is NOTHING so messy that The Lord cannot only help you with -- but get you out of.  But He isn’t going to intervene until you ask. That means opening the lines of communication with Him.  It’s been read in the New Testament the strong line of communication Jesus had with God while he was on Earth.  When you open up to God, ask for help, guidance or whatever you may need, He will open doors for you! Sometimes the answer doesn’t unfold immediately.  It can take a while but be diligent.  As well, it’s important to be familiar with the word of God because that is your armor of faith.  When you read it, you’re cloaking yourself with His promises and His love!  It’s a constant remembrance that you’re not battling this alone; The Lord is with you every step of the way!

No Debt Is Dealt With the Same

Jesus’ relationship with God is completely different than yours.  Just like how your relationship with God is different than your neighbors.  Every relationship is unique – therefore – no situation is handled the same, no matter how alike they may be.  Your neighbor maybe going through the same torment of debt as you, but God is calling him/her to go through with debt consolidation, while God is calling you to go through with bankruptcy.  It’s easy to be tempted or swayed to do what your neighbor is doing since they’re going through the same thing, but don’t be! Stick to the plan God wants you to do because you and your neighbor have two separate journeys to fulfill, not the same ones.  Always keep that in mind.

Your Attitude Does Make a Difference

Drowning in debt can make anyone feel less than perky and the bill collectors harassing you will help keep you in the dumps.  In a lot of instances when people feel this particular way, they stop feeling content. The truth is – depending on the size of your debt – it can’t be fixed over night.  No matter what route you’re choosing to take to battle your debt, you still have to work at it.  That’s why it’s important to not view this as a punishment but a learning experience. Being negative with your thoughts, to yourself or to others isn’t going to make it any better. This sea of debt is only temporary and with an open line of communication with God and indulging in His word, The Lord has good things in store!  When the debt storm has passed for some time, you’ll look back and wonder why you were so stressed or anxious.  You’ll be able to look back and see how God pulled you through.

Don’t Punish Yourself – Be Smart

If you’ve been open with your loved ones about your debt, chances are they’ll have a say or five about how you should be handling your money.  More than not, they’ll feel you should be suffering and putting every dime towards paying your debt off.  However, a few dimes can go to your personal pleasure but be smart about it. For example: If your friends are going on an impromptu mini vacation, leaving you no room to squirrel away some money, it’s not smart to go. However, if your friends want to go out to dinner in about two weeks, leaving you enough room to save, then it’s a smart thing to do.  God doesn’t want you to punish yourself, He’ll give you some room to squeeze in some pleasure but He wants you to be smart about it.

Helping Others

Either after or during your battle with debt, sharing your experience can help so many.  A lot of people who have been through rough times, God calls them to allow Him to work through them by sharing their experience with others. Sometimes people who suffer with debt don’t know where to turn, where to start or even want to tackle the problem. They feel so alone, when in fact they’re not.  Reach out and help others.  Maybe you know a friend who is going through debt issues, take them out for coffee or lunch and share your story.  Chances are it will help plant a seed for the harvest and sincerely help others.

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