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Simple Guideline to Prayer

Simple Guideline to Prayer

Simple steps you can use as a Guideline to Prayer

Connecting With God

God knows every thought that wisps through your mind and every hope and desire that is in your heart.  He even knows about the hopes and desires that are buried deep within your heart, too!  Even though He knows every aspect of you without you ever uttering a word, prayer is still a healthy part of your journey with God. It is your healthy and growing connection with God. However, not a lot of believers know how to pray, even the veteran believers of almighty God still struggle with prayer and that can leave some believers not being able to partake in the depth of a loving relationship with God.  Do you kneel in the servant position at the edge of your bed or do you sit in your favorite chair to pray?  The good news is that there isn’t any proper way to pray and every believers method is different, just like how your relationship with God is different than someone else’s.

Proper Stance

Child Praying There are plenty of cute drawings back in the 1950’s of young children kneeling at the foot of their beds,  saying their nightly prayers and it is a fairly popular position.  It’s also known as the servant position.  Taking position on your knees during prayer is acknowledging the pecking order between you and God, but you can choose on how you want to pray.  You can pray sitting on the couch, on the floor, or even in the bathroom.  It all depends on what works best for you.  Your friend may choose to pray in the servant position while another prefers to pray anywhere and everywhere if or when needed.  If you’re giving prayer another shot or it’s your first time, try a few different stances or areas that work for you.  Eventually, you’ll find you’re comfortable with and what benefits your prayer life in a positive light.

God Knows You

Prayer should be approached as if you’re approaching a good and trusted friend.  But when people engage in prayer for the very first time or the first time in a long time, it can feel awkward.  It’s only awkward because, even though God knows you, you haven’t taken the time to know Him.  The best way to get to know Him is to spend time with Him.  That can be taking the time to read His word daily and praying/talking with Him, or making the point to communicate with Him daily.  The more you do this, the more you will begin to be comfortable with God.  You’ll begin to pray effortlessly and you’ll feel the growing connection between you and God.  Always remember that God knows you and always looks forward to conversing with you.

How to Speak & What to Discuss

Come as you are!  Like mentioned above, God knows you!  He knows how you speak to your good friends, whom you respect and conversing with God should be no different.  Your prayers don’t have to be elaborate with fifty cent words, just be who you are!  When it comes to discussing things with God, keep in mind the prayer doesn’t have to lengthy.  It can be thirty-three seconds long. The most important thing is to give praise! Giving praise during good and stressful times helps you keep on a positive thought process and helps keep your spirits in check. Besides praise, discuss things of the heart! Talk things out that trouble you and seek guidance.  Pray for other’s too!  When you pray for others, it allows an opportunity for God to work for that person or persons on your behalf.

Avoid Distractions

Josh Vaughn Praying When praying, you should try to stray away from too much activity.  If you’re at home, turn off the television and other electronic devices.  Why?  Well, sometimes during prayer, you’ll hear from the spirit within you.  It may answer a prayer or guide you to the next step you should take, and if you’re praying while watching television or on the computer, you most likely won’t hear from that voice.  To make things easier, make an effort to find quiet within your home, where God will be you’re only focus and you will not have anything to distract you from that.  Enjoy the time you spend with God because He enjoys the time and effort you make, and you’re guaranteed to be rewarded.

Tools To Help Inspire Prayer

Prayer Rope is among one of the popular tools to help inspire prayer fervently and has been since the creator, Saint Anthony, began spreading word of his creation.  Prayer Rope can be designed in 100, 50 or 33 knots and usually has beads every 10 knots to help keep track of counting of prayers.  If not in use, it can be worn on the left wrist.  It shouldn’t be worn for open display, like your neck because one shouldn’t be conspicuous of their prayer life.  It keeps one centered and away from boasting, or allowing other influences that might hinder your prayer life in affect you. But in modern times, many people are wearing their prayer ropes around their necks.

If you are looking for a prayer rope bracelet or necklace you can get them in our prayer bracelet store.

Do you have your own Guideline to Prayer?

Please leave a comment, we are eager to here the methods you use, and what inspires your prayer.

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One comment

  1. Beatrice Anne Aird

    Often when I write a letter or note, I was signing it by saying “Love & Prayers”. One day I asked my self “do you really pray for those people?” Mostly I hadn’t! Now I’ve lived coast-to-coast & have friends spread across the country. What was I to do? Now, I take my Prayer Rope & begin. I start with people on the east coast, at the first bead I mention each name. I do this time zone by time zone, working my way across the country. I’ve discovered even if I fall asleep (I’m 82) when I awaken I know right where I left off. This may not be “kosher” so to speak but now I DO remember all those close to my heart. I also remember some folks I”m not to fond of. Now, when I sign a letter “Love & Prayers” I mean it. Thank you “Lord Jesus Christ”, son of God, have mercy on me a poor sinner.

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